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Brockamp rope bridle


Lightweight and comfortable, the Brockamp knotted ethological rope bridle is specially designed for the practice of natural horsemanship.

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This headstall, made in Germany, is made of 6 mm high quality woven polyester rope. Contrary to nylon and cotton bridles, it does not deform and is more manageable. It is resistant to water, perspiration, sunlight and even abrasion compared to polypropylene.

The 6 mm rope is the ideal diameter for the horse to feel the pressure accurately without hurting him and to help him better understand what is being asked of him.

Available in 3 different sizes and a wide range of colors.


Hand or machine washable at 30°C. In machine, preferably use a cloth bag.


  • Size XS: Shetland, Pony (approx. ~ 25 cm)
    upon request
  • Size S: Arabian, Pony B, Pony C, Pony D (approx. ~ 28 cm)
  • Size M: Thoroughbred (approx. ~ 32 cm)
  • Size L: Warmblooded horses (approx. ~ 35 cm)
  • Size XL: Draft horse (approx. ~ 38 cm)
    on request


  • Do not forget to remove it from the horse’s head as soon as you release it.
  • Never leave a horse tied to a fixed point with a rope bridle if it has not been properly educated beforehand. If the rope does not have a carabiner, use a string or other piece that can break easily if the horse pulls backwards.

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