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Brockamp rope 3,7m turquoise


Round rope, 3.7 m long and 13 mm in diameter, specially designed for the practice of natural dressage, foot to ground. By tying both ends together, it can also be used as reins.

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Round polyester rope made of 8 ultra resistant braided strands of 13 mm diameter made in Germany. Unlike nylon or cotton, polyester prevents the rope from warping and is more resistant to sunlight and abrasion than polypropylene. This material is very comfortable to use due to its flexibility. It is also water and perspiration resistant.

Due to its quality and type of braiding, it minimizes the risk of burns on the pulling hands.

Its length of 3.7 meters is ideal for working on the ground in natural dressage, as it allows precise movements while maintaining a safe distance.

The brass safety carabiner is easy to detach in case of emergency. It has a movable part that prevents the rope from twisting. At its other end, it has a leather tab (popper) that makes noise when shaken.


Hand or machine washable at 30°C. In a machine, use a cloth bag and remove or protect the carabiner (e.g. with a sock) so that it does not hit the drum. If the carabiner has not been disassembled, apply a couple of drops of oil to the carabiner after washing.

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